Moses in American History
Why is Moses important to America’s history?
That is the question this web site will help to answer. We find that Moses has often been referred to by our greatest leaders and thinkers throughout America’s history. But what does Moses, who lived 3,500 years ago in ancient Israel, have in common with America?  Was there a reason our leaders relied on him for inspiration? Or was he just a convenient biblical figure?  Browsing around this site will give some clues to those answers. All material is fully referenced with the author’s name in parentheses.                               (Click on photos along the way to enlarge)  
Why did Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin design the first official seal for the United States showing a symbol of Moses crossing the Red Sea?
The Founding Fathers?
Civil rights?
What inspired Martin Luther King to use the "struggle of Moses" to symbolize the new civil rights movement then taking place?
American presidents? Why did Barack Obama refer to his supporters as "the Moses generation”? And is it true that president Bush saw himself as a new Moses?
 Referances are indicated by the author’s name in parentheses, and can be checked in the “References” tab. 
Moses in America’s History
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